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    ICE manufactures for a diverse group of industries because there is knowledge to be gained from experience with each sector. Diversity within product range is one reason why ICE has been an industry leader in composite manufacturing for over 30 years.


    Increased fuel efficiency, weight savings, fatigue resistance, better durability, enhanced structural properties, and lower maintenance costs have driven the aerospace industry’s shift from metal to composites such as carbon fiber for building materials.

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    Composite materials have been utilized within the automotive industry for decreasing vibration, conforming to complex shapes, corrosion resistant finishes, as well as being aesthetically appealing.

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    ICE works with composite materials for the industrial industry because they are resistant to chemical erosion, and can be designed for virtually zero coefficient of thermal expansion. Components can be designed so that they are electrically inert, have superior fatigue and lower vibration properties when compared to steel.

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    Oil & Gas

    ICE was the first to develop carbon fiber downhole solutions for the industry over 15 years ago. Composites are used to reduce drill out time utilizing thin walled carbon fiber mandrels, compared to thick walled fiberglass or filament wound mandrels.

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    The United States defense system has reached a higher level of effectiveness due to the increased strength, light weight, low cycle fatigue and corrosion resistance that composite materials provide.

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    The recreational industry thrives on light weight, high end performance gear. ICE has supported the recreational industry since its first year in existence, and continues to innovate and remain a leader in recreational component manufacturing.

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