1265 N Main Ave.

White Salmon, WA 98672

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    -Where is ICE located?

    • 1265 N. Main Ave, White Salmon WA 98672      MAP

    -What days and times are your facility open?

    • Mon – Thur: 7am – 5:30pm


    -Do you have standard tubes in stock?

    • ICE does all our manufacturing custom made to order. So we do not stock any tubes. Please contact us to find out about getting your custom tubing made.

    -Are you able to manufacture tooling for me? 

    • ICE only manufactures tooling that will be used to support production done at ICE. For more information click HERE

    -What is “pre-preg”

    • Pre-preg is short for pre-impregnated, and refers to fiber material that already has the resin evenly distributed throughout. Pre-preg is superior to the wet layup method because it is cleaner and results in more consistent fiber to resin ratios in finished parts.


    -What is table rolling?

    • Table rolling is a process used to make tubes where a table is used to roll material around a mandrel while applying pressure.

    -What is bladder molding?

    • Composite bladder molding is the ideal process for extremely complex hollow shapes. Click here for more on how ICE uses bladder molding.


    -Can you make just 1 or 2 parts?

    • Yes, ICE can make custom parts in any quantity.

    -Can you do large volume production?

    • Yes, ICE specializes in large volume production, and currently does 1,000 parts per week for certain customers.